Android Support?


Is there any conceivable support to talk to the nova modem when plugged into an android device? I am running android on my tinkerboard and would like to use a nova modem, but am having trouble finding if there is a way to have it recognized and used as an ethernet device.



Hey @Aaron_Hall,

For the time being the Nova is only supported on Linux devices. Having said that, the Nova offers a direct usb connection to the modem so while the Python SDK would not work, in theory you should be able to send AT commands via serial and connect that way. Here are instructions on connecting to the modem via serial on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

As an aside, for connecting Android devices to the Hologram network we highly recommend using a device with a built in modem and a Hologram SIM as that is the cleanest path to connectivity. Another option would be to use a Hologram SIM in a mobile hot spot like the Huawei e5573C and then connecting to that via WiFi. I know its not exactly connecting with a Nova, but we’ve seen that solution get users connected in a heartbeat.



Thanks @Maiky, this is useful info. At least now I have a definitive answer.


Sure thing @Aaron_Hall! Happy to help :smiley: