antenna orientation? trouble getting constant connection

I’ve been working on my first Dash for several weeks and I can not have a constant connection. I send messages to the cloud every hour, the signal is between 8 and 13 and even when it’s 20, half the messages do not send. I read a bit about the orientation of the antenna, is there a trick to have a better reception? It seems that if I manage to send several consecutive messages to a signal of + -13, simply moving the antenna a inch looses connectivity. it’s a bit like the connector had bad contact, but I did not abuse it. What do you think?

Could you post a picture of the current orientation?

sorry for the strange picture, but that’s the most effective setup I’ve done so far(so many trials and errors here!). Vertically touching a stainless kettel! I was able to send most of my message with a strength of 0-2. If laying flat or any direction over the protoboard is a different game. I read that it was recommended to have it vertically but not near metals and cable unbend.

*the protoboard was used for an other project but only the ultrasonic sencor & dash is running.

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