Any advice on pairing this with an m0?


Hi folks, I wanted to bounce an idea here and see your thoughts. From what I know, the dash and dash pro use m4 chips, which consume about 100uA in its low or lowest power state. I would like to try to use a low power SoC as a sort of control unit for the konekt dash/dash pro. I have an RFduino and think it is great. I can interact with tablets and phones and change settings, I can even take a bunch of samples using the m0, then fire up the dash to perform more complex calculations on the data and transmit to the web. The RFduino only uses about 6uA in standby, a few more with the clock running I believe (that’s the point of the m0).
Is there a clean way I can couple the two, sharing data over serial or i2c with the dash and using a high side pin to turn on power to the dash.
any better ideas or confirmation that this isn’t a terrible path to take? :smile:


There is something similar being introduced with the bluZ for the electron (blasphemy?) and I was thinking along similar lines.


Hello Reubenk,

There are plenty of wired ways of communicating with the Dash. It has Serial/UART, SPI, I2C, and CAN. There are plenty of wakeup pins. You can run the Dash in a sleep mode and wake it using an interrupt pin. You may want to check the specs of our Freescale Kinetis MK22FN1M0VLH12, it may have a low-power mode you’d be interested in.


@DazzlingDuke I found a cool video utilizing an M4. It is the STM32L476. They are citing nanoamp standby power consumption. I wonder (and hope) if we can achieve similar power savings.


Link to related question that has some legs.