Any Information on PyGo2 ?

Does anybody can en-light this subject and point me to additional information about this new Pycom device? It looks like a great device with 5 networks in one…

I read here:
that is has integrated SIM chip. Is that the Hologram chip? or Pycom’s own SIM chip? If Pycom’s - will it work with any career like Hologram’s SIM ?

I know it might be questions more suited to Pycom but it does not look they respond…

The bottom line question: Is this device compatible and will work with Hologram network?

I don’t see on that page where it says it has an integrated SIM. If it is integrated then it is not one of ours.
If it’s not integrated it probably will work with our SIM, but you might have to set the APN using one of the SDK commands. It looks like it’s a Cat-M modem so it’ll only work in areas where we have Cat-M coverage.

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