Anyone tried FreedomPop?

I know Hologram doesn’t offer support for other carriers, but I was curious if anyone here has tried or is using FreedomPop with their Nova? For those who don’t know, FreedomPop offers a free data plan that provides you with 500 MBs of data a month, they use both Sprint and AT&T towers.

If anyone is planning on trying it (I haven’t yet), but from what I have read there are a few catches with the free plan. They start you off on a “free trial” of one of their premium plans, and if you don’t downgrade to the free plan before the end of the month you will be charged. It also sounds like every few months they will charge your credit card for 1 cent to make sure it is still active. If you do sign up, it might be better to do so on a prepaid or virtual credit card, that way if something does go wrong you will have a set limit on the card.

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