APN on FiPy

I followed Hologram network/site instruction for activating the SIM I got from them.
It looks like there was a screen that says something like “Your APN is hologram” but I am not sure - it looked strange - it was a simple word and user and password were ‘none’.
After that I performed firmware upgrade to and now I am not sure before I started coding wether APN set of not…

Is there any way to know through REPL if APN is set and what it is?
Do I have to keep the APN that Hologram assigned (if indeed they did) or I can set my own? Can I assign user and password, and if yes, how?

The APN for our sims is hologram with no user and no password. This is at the network level and you have to use it like that.
Not familiar with that specific device so not sure how you would set it on there.

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