APN right name configuration

hello… thru all the documentations that we can found on the tutorial section, i can see 3 name for the setting of the APN :


i try “apn.hologram.io” numerous time and never working…
then i change to “apn.konekt.io” : success at the first try…
i didn’t test just “hologram” as it cost me one SMS each time i want to change the configuration of my device … (and the use at first of “apn.hologram.io” cost me near 10$ for the numerous try with various setting… )

what is the right name to use for APN configuration ?


apn.konekt.io and hologram should both work.

apn.hologram.io is wrong. Can you point us to where you found that?

here :slight_smile:

The correct APN setting values are as follows:

APN: apn.hologram.io
APN username: (none)
APN password: (none)
IP Address: Dynamic (using DHCP)
Data Roaming: Enabled

Thanks. I think we had a find/replace go wrong. Sorry for the trouble.