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Hi all,

I work in the endurance sport race timing business. We use Hologram to help send runner, biker, and swimmer time of day stamps over the cell network and collect that information in a program on our laptops.

The device we call a controller has a built-in module that allows us to drop a SIM card into and we then configure some APN settings so we can send the information we want from the controller to our laptops.

Over the past 7-8 months, I have always used the APN = hologram. But more recently that APN seems to not work. Just testing things out, I changed the APN to = Broadband (what you would normally use for AT&T). The controllers seem to like that APN and they connect with no issues.

Has anyone recently run into this, or am I an isolated event?


Do you know what modem your module has or if its more specifically designed for a certain carrier?

We have had issues with modules before that have firmware that overwrite APNs or don’t play nice unless its set to a specific carrier. Sorta like a phone being locked to a certain carrier when its capable of connecting to many.

Thanks for the thoughts, Dom! The module has an internal modem, and I am not familiar with what specific brand or specs it has. I will likely be told that it is “proprietary” by the company that makes the device.

I guess I do not need to know specific make/model of the modem, so long as they tell me what may have changed between when it was working flawlessly months ago and why it is giving fits now.

You mentioned firmware updates of the device as a possible idea. I did indeed update this device to a new firmware as of a couple weeks ago. That is when the problems arise.

I’ll be reaching out to manufacture with some of these thoughts.


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