APN with Nova modem?

Is it necessary to set the APN with a Hologram supplied Nova modem?

If so, then how is that done?

It comes preconfigured with the hologram apn set. Are you using it with a different company Sim? You might need to use the AT+CGDCONT command to change it.

Note that this mainly applies to the 3G Nova. The Cat-M version will pick up the correct APN by itself in most cases

Are you using it with a different company Sim?

I am using the Nova Global Cellular Modem 3G/2G (U201) with the SIM as supplied by Hologram. I followed the Connectivity Guide (although was unsure if/how to set the APN) and the Hologram Raspberry Pi Getting Started instructions to set it up.


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Got it. Those instructions should be all you need. Feel free to post if something is broken

So if I’ve followed all the above steps, would you expect the setup to have continuous Hologram connectivity as long as the Raspberry Pi is running and the modem is connected to the cellular network?

In my case, it seems to have connectivity for a few days but then it drops. If I visit the site, the Pi is fine and I can SSH into it via Wifi interface, and the modem lights indicate it is connected to the cellular network - but I can not get to it though the Hologram system anymore. A reboot fixes the problem… until it goes down again a few days later. Any ideas what I can do to make it so I am able to to get connectivity to these remove machines anytime the Pi is running and the Hologram modem has a good signal? Thanks!

Hi, I am using Telus (Canada) CAT-M1 SIM. It seems that the modem doesn’t let me change the APN. How can I change it? AT+CGDCONT=1,”ip”,”pp.telus.com”,””,0,0,0,0 gives me ERROR

Not sure why your post is flagged, first you just have an incorrect command, too many zeros. The closest to what you have that you should send is (only 2 trailing zeros, not 4:


Also it is very likely you shouldn’t specify the IP or other flags and just send:


checkout section 13.3 in https://www.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/SARA-R4-SARA-N4_ATCommands_(UBX-17003787)_0.pdf

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