Arduino pinout cross reference to Dash


Trying to get familiar with the Dash by running some existing Arduino sketches. Having trouble getting things to work and identifying the correct pin locations. Is there a cross reference identifying Arduino pinouts on the Dash? Thanks!


I’ve been playing with this as well. Here’s what I’ve found so far:
Arduino Digital Pin 13 = Dash Pin 12 (Left Side (top view, power connector at bottom)
Arduino Digital Pin 5 = Dash Pin 10 (Left Side)
Arduino Digital Pin 12 = Dash Pin 11 (Left Side)

I can’t get any of the Arduino analog pin assignments to map to Dash. A 3.3V source through a 330 ohm resistor doesn’t seem to register at any Dash pin when calling for analog read on any of the typical Arduino ports (A0 through A5). I do get lots of Dash reboots, however! (I tried connecting to everything except ground and known power pins).

Anyone know if there may be future Dash libraries coming that map Arduino pins to Dash pins? Any help or hints greatly appreciated.


Sorry you are having trouble with the pinouts. Hopefully this will help.

Right now we don’t support Arduino pinouts, only our own custom macro definitions. So calls like these:

digitalWrite(1, HIGH);

will have unpredictable results, and could cause reboots.

Instead, use the pin naming conventions defined in the Operation Manual. For digital operations, use the GPIO column. For analog operations, use the ANA column. For example:

pinMode(D01, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(D01, HIGH);

On the Dash, digital pin D01 is R03, or the 3rd pin on the right side. Pin A01 is R06, the 6th pin on the right side.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, post your sketch (or relevant sections) and we’ll take a closer look.


Thanks! We will give that a try. Appreciate the assistance!!


Hi, Erik,

Great feedback, thanks. I really appreciate the clarification. On to the sketches!


@MichaelM and @tonym63, I wanted to make sure you both know about the pinouts in the

There you will find all of the digital pins and their locations.


Good stuff! Thanks! Quick follow-up: If I’ve interpreted the pinout correctly, it looks like some of the pins may be "dual use,) for example, D07 (digital) and A02 (analog) are both Dash pin R09. Given the really swell number of both digital and analog pins on the Dash, I can’t imagine running out of either, but just want to make sure if there are any special considerations for these “dual label” pins like R09 (other than obviously avoiding simultaneous digital and analog connections to a common pin).


Hey @MichaelM,

Yes, that is correct. The easiest way to read the pinout diagram is to look across the column names (GPIO, ANA, WKUP, SPI, I2C, UART, etc.) to locate the functionality that’s desired (GPIO, analog I/O, sleep wakeup, SPI, I2C, UART, etc.), and then to browse up and down that column for pins that offer that functionality to be available.



Are there pinout locations with PWM? I do not see a call out for this in the pinout documentation. Thanks !



We don’t yet support PWM outputs, but when we do we’ll update the documentation to show the pins that support it.


Glad to hear you’re looking at PWM. Thanks from me as well.


Thanks Erik! There have been several references in forum posts regarding upcoming features / enhancements. Is there a list of things to come and timing that can be shared with the community?


+1 Would be nice to have a list. I just found out about missing PWM