Hi all.
i am trying to make first installation of the hologram CLI.
but i cant seem to get past this first simple step.
i am using arduino yun rev 2
“curl: (23) Failed writing body (0 != 1918)”

added a picture


Is bash installed on the Yun? Look at the first line under your command:
-ash: bash: not found

For your curl error, google is your friend:

Note this supports my guess that you dont have bash since this error occurs when the read pipe is closed (bash in this case) before the write pipe is finished (curl)


Thanks for the quick reply!.
As for the bash… arduino yun has a busybox image .
Its can only recognize ash … this means i cannot use bash at all😶.
I tried opkg install bash .
But as i said its not supporting it.


In that case try saving the script to file

curl -L -o

and then run the file with ash (note you may need to chmod)


I think the Yun is not yet officially supported to the SDK may not work and youll have to write your own. It looks like the Yun is on holograms roadmap although I dont see anything about it besides this link:

Scroll down to “Nova’s Roadmap”

Depending on your use case, I’d recommend just going with an RPI. They are cheaper and have compatibility with the Nova. I don’t really get the Yun. I think there are enough peripherals to add any features the RPI doesnt have (PWM, ADC) that are well documented and supported and if you are using linux and a relatively high power CPU for an embedded sytem, the RPI is better.


we made progress.
i might take your advise regarding the RPI.
ok there seem to be some syntax error:


looks like arrays aren’t supported in ash

Your options are:

  1. walk through the script manually addressing any errors line by line and hoping there are no complete incompatibilities
  2. ditch the yun and go with an rpi or other linux system
  3. use AT commands like this was an embedded system (like a standard arduino or esp8266, etc).

Somewhat again why I dont get the Yun, its like a linux box but doesn’t work with linux things, and too expensive and power hungry to be embedded. An RPI + usb cable + Uno or Mega seems easier and no more expensive and like 1000x more useful

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