Are the parameters for List Data Engine Messages currently in effect?

Reason I ask, no matter what parameters I set, even direct copies from the sample guide on how to use it, they have 0 effect. I set “startafter” and there’s IDs smaller than it, “timeafter” and there’s time stamps before then… literally none of the paramaters appear to work.

I am fairly skilled with web services, especially RESTful web services, and I am currently using postman to test with. I’ve had no issues with other calls within the hologram feature-set.

Is there something I may be missing?

I am encountering a similar issue. Have you had any luck in resolving yours jscho?

Are you testing this against the actual endpoint or the example one from apiary?

When you say the IDs get smaller after doing a startafter, that’s expected. The sorting is in descending order.

Hi Reuben, thanks for your quick reply.
I am testing against my actual endpoint. When experimenting with the “limit” parameter (ex url: I receive 25 data elements (start of the return json: “{“success”:true,“limit”:25,“size”:25,“continues”:true, …”)

Other attempts to filter my results with “deviceid” similarly seem to have no effect. Any advice for how to proceed?

Ah I see. So /csr/data is a redirect to /csr/rdm and it appears that Postman isn’t including the url parameters when it requests the new URL.
If you use /csr/rdm directly then it should work. We’ll check on our end to see if there is anything we should be doing differently to get those parameters passed through

Hi Reuben,
Thank you for the information and prompt reply. The parameters seem to work now.
If you are unable to fix the redirect issue, can Hologram please update the REST API documentation to reflect this? Right now the example code says to use the /csr/data interface

Yep, we’ll take a look at that soon.

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