Are Time Zones not a Feature for Hologram?

So I’m currently prototyping a tracking system using the Hologram Dash chip. When I send data to the Hologram Cloud, I would like to tack on a timestamp to my data that is timezone-neutral, a.k.a UTC time or Zulu time. That way, when I pull the data into an app, I can display the time relative to the user’s current time zone.

Unfortunately HologramCloud.getNetworkTime() does not have any reference to a time zone, and it appears to return the local time of the tower that the Dash chip is currently connected to.

Is there not any support for UTC in the Hologram ecosystem?

P.S. I am aware that data is timestamped as it is received in the Cloud, but if I lose connection and need to queue data, then my timeline will be skewed, so that is not an option.