AT commands


I have a A6 Al-thinker gsm unit with which I want to use to send data .

I want to keep it simple so that I can interface it to a small uC ans RS232 I would like to keep the communications as simple as I can, setting it up and controlling it with AT commands but I’m not sure if this is possible? data will be less then 500 bytes at a time.

I could do with some help or pointers to what documents I should read so I can get my head around it. How to set up a tcp connection to the hologram cloud so at least I can see my data arriving somewhere? from which I can build on.

thanks in advance



Hey @Neil,

My advice would be to look at your modem’s documentation as they almost always include documents to get started with AT commands and their best practices for doing things like setting up TCP/UDP communication given that modem manufactures sometimes have proprietary AT commands to streamline certain operations.

Outside of that here is the hologram embedded API documentation which will show you how to set up communications with the Hologram Dashboard.



I’ve been using that board and talking to it with AT commands quite successfully.
The documentation I used to work on this was (the link complains about SSL certificate but it is safe)

In this rather long but hopefully commented enough code you can find how I interact with that module
A word of caution though. I have found that sometimes the module “hangs” after a transmission error and it doesn’t recover until a power cycle so you need to be able to do a “hard reset” of the module if it’s taking too long to respond.

Good luck!