Azure/AWS/Google Cloud tutorial / sample

I was wondering if anyone has gotten the Dash or Pro to successfully upload data to any of these services?? I already got thingspeak working, but that service is pretty elementary.

I need features such as:

  • map populated by devices (with status if possible)
  • multiple logins for different clients to see different devices
  • sensor history (exporting raw data to excel would help also)
  • be able to create any triggers (email) on low pressure levels for example
  • be able to generate a status report for all devices for a particular customer

any advise on what service to use, or tutorial would be greatly appreciated. is another platform I am looking to integrate with… I figure its easier than what was mentioned above.

I will be curious to see if anyone else chimes in, but I have found for the type of functionality you’re looking for, you’ll need to build your own site. I had similar requirements when I started my project and finally conceded that I was going to have to create my own site.

Ya… I am seeing that also. A developer told me 10k-12k (Canadian) for maps, triggering, and sensor history.

@Saffar You should look into They would be able to fulfill all your needs (except separate user accounts) through their Dashboard and Workflow products. Let me know if you need help setting up your Hologram dashboard to work with Losant.

Sweet, ill look into it right away, thanks for the reference.