Bad Magic Number

As far as I can tell, the bad magic number error is due to the distribution of pyc files for the Python3 hologram-python module that only work on a Raspberry Pi/Debian Buster.

Could you guys please update this module to be platform agnostic? As much as I love my Raspberry Pis, and my Hologram Nova, there are other ARM-based SBCs, and I’d love to be able to use the Nova on other applications.

If I am wrong, or there is another way to get the hologram nova working on an aarch64 or other linux platform, please enlighten me. I really love your company and how you’re doing things in general.

Are you using Python 3.7? That might fix it though we haven’t tried on that architecture yet

3.8, but will try 3.7 – am installing it now.

Will gladly donate a HardRock64 SBC to the cause when they launch in April if it won’t run under 3.7

We actually were working on a multiarch CI build process for another tool so porting that over might not be too much work. I would have to look at the pypi docs to see if it would be extra effort to stitch it all together but let us know if the 3.7 install works in the meantime.

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