Battery Charger rate

my battery charger just broke, I have to charge the battery with the charger of the Dash V1.2. I have 3 cells li-ion 18650 in parallel for a total of 6ah. I went from 3.81V(milivolt reading said 3150mv) to 4.05V approximately in 20h and I find it really long. My program is mainly in “deep sleep” I do not know if this can explain the slow process? how does the charger set the final voltage since certain li-ion can not exceed 4.1v and 4.2v for lipo? The charger measured voltage is 4.15v and I do not think we can vary the parameters. My battery allows charging up to 4.2v so I’m not worried, just curious.

it charge at a rate of 73ma with a 2A usb supply, Dash running a program mainly in deep sleep. normal or not?

Just a up to this topic.

dash v1.2
1st problem, charge rate very slow
2nd doesn’t charge up to 4.2V (this time I get it up to 4.05v)
3rd with serial monitor + battery connected, millis is accurate(4030) / but when no usb cable, no serialMonitor, with battery, cloud says something in this range: 3560 to 3008 (for a 4.03v battery)
4th Now I want to charge a 4.03V(82%) li-ion battery and doesn’t seems to be able to force the charger to charge it .

tried some stuff
void setup() {
Serial.begin (9600);
// Charger.beginAutoMillivolts(20, 4100);
it says charger is enabled(even if I tried Charger.enable(false);), Charger.isControllable always return 0.

Did I forget something or my dash is likely broken?

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