Battery Connector specification for Dash & Dash Pro

Can you please let me know the specific spec for the battery connector on the Dash? I have a number of connectors that I purchased off of eBay that are listed as “Mini Micro JST 2.0 PH 2-Pin”, but they do not seem to be compatible with the socket on the Dash and I don’t want to try to jam them in. Can you please pass along the specific spec? If possible, part numbers on DigiKey or Mouser would be a big help!


Hey @torchris,

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I believe the JST battery connector is the JST PHR-2, available here:

I’ll let @DazzlingDuke correct me if I’m wrong.


Thank you for asking @torchris.

We will be modifying the Operation Manual to include not only the BOM, but mating connectors.

The connector on the Dash is

Here are the mating connectors:


@KonektPat, I’d like to keep any part links to Octopart so they are supplier/distributor agnostic. Also, Octopart is pretty rad.

Perfect, thanks very much guys! I was wondering how I would get this thing moving around without a battery! I have an 8,000 mA Li-Po battery I want to try out with it.

Well i believe the battery connector can be found at this online site, the products are relatively cheap and of efficient quality. Hope you get what you want and get the recommended specs.

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