Being billed for months with a SIM card that was paused

Out of my cards, a few were placed in “pause” as I was not using them.
I just found out I´ve been charged 60$/months for these cards, although were not active at all.
I cannot cancel them from the dashboard, cannot deactivate them.

How does the system work? How can I eliminate them? How can I get reimbursed?

I´ve never got answered for emails I sent through the website. Let´s see if I get answers here.

Hey AndreaMassenz,

Can you please PM me your email so I can look at our support queue? I tried to look up your username and couldn’t find any messages from you.

With regards to your questions, pausing data only pauses the SIM’s ability to send and receive data, it does not pause the SIM’s registration or its ability to send and receive SMS messages. SIMs are charged a monthly registration fee so the only way to completely stop charges would be to permanently deactivating them. You can do this by sending a request to with the SIM numbers you wish to get rid of. Otherwise, if you plan on not using SIMs for some time, but don’t want to permanently delete them, we recommend switching them over to the Flexible plan to reduce the charges to only the network registration fee.


Hi Maiky,
I find it very sneaky that I need to write in the whole community to understand how not to pay a card. I´ve been looking on how to cancel a subscription and couldn´t find the “success” email.

Anyway, the monthly “registration” fees should be - based on the costs breakdown of the SIM I read in your website - of 0.4$/month. 60$/months for using 0 byte of a paused card is absolutely not acceptable.

Hey AndreaMassenz,

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll pass it along to our front end team and make sure they make contacting us more visible. For anyone else reading this please note that you can access our support network by hitting the support link at the bottom left hand corner of your dashboard.
or by using the support page at the bottom of our webpage


As far as the charges on your account go, its hard to say where they came since I don’t yet know your account, but if I were to guess based on the charges I’d say that this is coming from a pre-paid High Bandwidth plan.

In order to provide better pricing for large amounts of data, we offer these plans which help us determine network usage before it’s used instead of during. This, before the fact network allocation is then passed on to our carriers who package the network registration fee with the pre-paid data. However, the cheaper data comes at a cost which is pre paying for your data regardless of usage. The description you provide is more along the lines of our Flexible plan which is the other plan option you have and has higher data rates, but you only pay for what you use and the network registration.

Let me know if that helps clarify your situation, and feel free to PM me your account, so I can take a look at it and tell you exactly what happened. Always happy to help.