Best Method to Send a GET Request from Nova

I am attempting to find a very low overhead method to send a GET type request from a Raspberry Pi and receive data back using a Nova. So far, I have tried sending a message to hologram, and having an external web app send a message back to the device, but I have found this not to be reliable. Is there any way to send a request from the Raspberry Pi via the Nova and receive a response back (all in one request)? I am trying to avoid using “connect”, as I only want data for this one request to be sent and received over the network.

Have you found anything to be reliable? I have a system that “works” using SMS messaging. The problem with it is the latency. I can send a msg from hologram modem via my software and receive it in a few seconds. However, sending an SMS msg to the modem can take hrs; not very helpful and there seems to be no answer to solve this problem. Also, if anyone know a way to clear all msgs from the cloud’s cache that would be helpful.

I ended up just going with connect, I figured as long as I don’t send a request very often it should be fine. It seems like each request is around 10 KB, so you should be safe for 100 or so requests a month to stay under 1 MB. I originally had an SMS setup, but it was getting kind of expensive ($1 a month) for what I was using it for. SMS was the only other reliable method that I got to work. I think it is because an SMS message is kept in some sort of queue where as messaging fails if it cannot connect to the device immediately.

EDIT: I also forgot to mention that I had no issues with latency (almost instantly), maybe it is because where I live there are a lot less cell phone users compared to where you may be.

After having it running for a while it seems like each request uses about 30 KB… While this will still work, it seems to have a lot of overhead compared the the size of the actual request. The request I am sending and receiving is about 5 KB which means there is about a 25 KB overhead just for connecting to the network.

For your purposes, using HTTP is unwise. If you were to open a socket connection, send your request, and receive a response, the amount of data used would be around 100 bytes plus the number of bytes of data you send and receive.

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