Best practice setup for automatic and continuous connectivity?


Is there a set by step guide to setting up Hologram so that the device will have automatic and continuous connectivity as long as there is a compatible carrier in range?

I’ve seen various mentions here that sometimes it is necessary to run commands at startup to initialize a connection to the cellular network. I’ve also seen various people using cron jobs to test for connectivity and periodically restart the Hologram link. Are these measures necessary to have a reliable connection? If so, is there a single source that describes best practices to follow to have a reliable connection so I make sure I do not miss any?

I am specifically trying to set up RaspberryPi’s with Hologram supplied Nova modems such that I am always able to SSH into them, but having no luck. I can get it to work on my desk, but once out in the field it becomes unreachable in a few days even though there is good coverage at the remote location. I can not even figure out how to tell from the Dashboard if the device is still in communication with the cellular network.