Blocking Network Carriers

Newbie here. I purchased a device from China. It’s their firmware and they wount share access or support it. I just learned that it’s not supported by Verizon. ATT works great, others do not.

Since i don’t have access to firmware to change AT Commands, is there any other way to only allow ATT carrier with my hyper sim from hologram? Could really use some creative solutions here. Ideally, there’s an option somewhere in hologram dashboard where i can set my preferred and blocked list.

Thank you in advance.

Hi Nick, I’m a newbie (or at least amateur) as well but I thought I would pass along what I know. I just use the Arduino IDE to connect an ESP to the SIM7000 and set the necessary AT commands through the sketch.
Check the example sketches by Botletics on GitHub and this identifies the AT code used to set the APN (and they identify ATT as one of the possible carriers). It is AT+CGDCONT. You can also use AT+COPS to set your preferred network carrier. The SIMCOM company puts out the SIM7000 Series AT command manual that lists the full suite of available commands.

Appreciate it Dave. We are having a firmeare developer redo the firmware so we can actually control things:) dont have access to anything now.

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