Bonding or teaming wireless and Nova connections

I’m working on my Hackster project that requires backup network access when the wireless is down and am trying to bond the wireless [wlan0] and Nova [ppp0] in bond mode active-backup on an Raspberry Zero W running Raspbian but having little success. Well, no success.

To me, this is an ideal fit for utilizing the Nova because most of my IOT projects use the local wireless network to communicate to my Node JS server through a public address.

So does anyone have a working solution for bonding these two interfaces? I looked all over the Internet and configured many of the solutions but none of them work. Is there another method to achieve this?



Are you sure you want to bond the interfaces as opposed to use routes and metrics to prioritize wifi over cellular?

I want my IOT device to use a wired or WiFi interface under normal operation but if these interfaces are down I want the device to connect via a cellular connection. I want to have cellular as the backup in order to provide redundancy. Starting to believe it can’t bee done. Is there another way to accomplish this?

I thought I had it working but now finding that you can’t ‘bind’ a ppp interface. It allows you to set it up but always shows ‘bonding’ interface is down.

Using Raspbian Stretch on Zero W