bricked during unsuccesful fw update

It looks like my Dash (U270) was bricked during firmware upgrade.
I tried to flash fw update using standalone dashupdater and now
my only terminal output now is:

After power on white LED switched on for 8 secs, rapidly flashing, and finally off.

A new fw update using dashupdater starting succesfully but quickly finishing without any changes in Dash state.

Any recommendations how to recover my Dash now?

Anyone? Did Dash has any protection against wrong flashing? Is there any ways to recover it?

Hi, we should be able to help you out here. It’s pretty hard to fully brick the Dash. Are you building your firmware using the latest Hologram Arduino IDE integration? It sounds like you might be compiling with an old version that is incompatible with the new firmware. I would suggest making sure everything is updated in the IDE and then rebuilding and reprogramming. If you hit the Program button, does the LED flash? That means you should be fine to reprogram it.

Also, FYI, latest Dash Arduino version is 0.10.5.
We also recommend using a later version of the Arduino IDE itself as it helps with some bugs in the board manager. I think 1.8.5 is latest there.