Bus Tracker + Application

I am doing a project which we are tracking GPS location data of 2 buses. We are using a Arduino Mega 2560 and using a Neo-6M Gps Module and sending that data Using a Sim 800L GSM module with a t mobile sim card. Our hope is that we can send a sms message of the gps data to a cloud and store that data. My idea is that we can make a mobile app that will grab recent the most recent GPS data log from a Cloud type service and using that data show bus locations on a google api map. It will update its location at least every 30 seconds. we also have 3 bus stop locations that you will be able to select and based on which bus stop you select it will give you the ETA to that bus stop location.

Passed Status
Got Neo-6M Gps Module working and sending that data longitude and latitude as well as speed to a LCD screen. IF else statement finished for each box on bus stop locations. It shows current location Bus Stop 1, 2, 3 etc. on an lcd based on your location.

Failed still testing.
Tested Simcom 800L GSM and initally got an at&t sim card and was not able to get it to connect to a network because found out there is no 2G on at&t anymore. Just bought a tmobile sim card today instead and hopefully that fixes our connection to network problem, because during AT commands found that Tmobile was only connection in our area.

Mobile app has not been created yet. doing it on android platform.
Not really sure what options we have to send this data to a cloud and how a android mobile app can connect to a cloud and grab data.

Any advice that you may know or can use to get this working would be helpful.

What does this have to do with Hologram?

It looks like you are using a 3rd party cellular modem (SIM800L) with a 3rd party SIMcard (T-mobile) You should use either a Hologram hardware (Nova) or simcard if anyone on this forum will be able to help you.

Advice #1, try using an RPI with Hologram simcard in a Hologram Nova, I also suggest gettng the Cat-M1 nova if you are in the US. This is one good way to get something working, it sounds like you are in the early prototype phase. That is what I would recommend.

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