Calling battery functions with no battery connected

I wanted to confirm, since I cant spot anything in the docs, can I damage anything by calling functions in the charger library, when the batter jumper is in the no battery position. In addition to not causing damage will it cause any variation in power consumption.

I am asking this from the perspective of the potential to deploy the same software to multiple devices some of which may or may not have batteries.

Side note (can overriding crtl-f) functionality be turned off somehow on this site.

Calling battery functions when no battery is connected and jumper is in the no batt position should be safe. It shouldn’t cause any damage to the board.
You might get some weird data back though when you check the battery level.

ctrl-f works normally for me on here in Chrome

Thanks for the response.

I am using chrome and when I hit ctrl-f your website overrides it and brings up the box to search the whole site, as opposed to the regular find in page box. (which must then be reached manually through chromes menu)