Can anyone else send SMS-over-IP?

Using the cloud services router credentials I can’t send a SMS-over-IP.
I tried messaging support but that was three weeks ago with no resolution in sight.
Unfortunately it’s holding up quite a bit of testing and development.
Has anyone had similar issues? Were they resolved?
Can anyone else send SMS-over-IP, or is it just me?

My exact issues are as follows (using 3rd party modem, not a dash or dash pro)
-Connect to No issues.
-Send a string “SABCDWXYZ+11234567890 Testing SMS-over-IP\n\n” where ABCD and WXYZ are replaced with my CSR credentials, and phone number is my personal number. (I have also tried adding a space before the “+” as it was mentioned in a similar troubleshooting topic, but the results are identical.)
-Connection is closed on the server side, no response.
-No SMS is delivered.

I have tried this from my cellular modem, and my desktop PC in a terminal, with identical results. I can’t get a response from the server before it closes the connection. I’ve double checked my credentials, generated new credentials… I’m not sure there is anything else I can do on my side.

Scott - Sorry for the delay here. We’re also seeing the issue on our end and have assigned work to investigate.
Can you tell us more about what you’re looking to use the SMS-over-IP feature for your service?
What flexibility do you have in using our dashboard routes to send SMS to the destination phone number? These SMS from the route are switched over IP and so do not incur any additional data usage charges similar to the SMS-over-IP feature here.

Let me know if you have any questions.


The SMS-over-IP service is required as it will be a backup to an alert system.

I didn’t think it was possible to send SMS-over-IP to public telephone numbers from the dashboard. If I’m wrong, I’d love to know how to do it.
However, I see this as a temporary workaround, as I can see it using a lot more data than the original option.

Via the dashboard, you can send SMS inbound to a device. Our API also allows SMS outbound to phone numbers that does not require any usage of data.
You can find the reference for it here

Let me know if you have any other questions.


I read through the documentation you linked, and while that would work, the issue arrises that you have to purchase a phone number for each device (another cost consideration for large deployments).

What I understood when I read the SMS-over-IP documentation (found here) was:

  • No need to purchase an assigned phone number for each device
  • I could send SMS to mobile phone numbers (any device, not just devices on the hologram network)
  • The texts would be invoked by my hologram device, but they would be sent from the CSR
  • and it would prevent a user from texting back because: A, the device didn’t have an assigned phone number, and B, the messages would essentially be sent to the CSR.

Does Hologram have any timeline on how long it will take to fix the API? Or should developers depreciate these commands?

For both SMS-over-IP and SMS via our API, SMS can be sent to any number (not just devices on the Hologram network). Our engineering is taking a look but it may be a change in our SMS provider call and it may be a few weeks before they have availability to specifically correct SMS-over-IP. What I’d like to do though is offer you $6 in credit for purchasing a phone # in the interim to cover cost of using our SMS API until we get this resolved. Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in and I can arrange on our end. Sorry for the inconvenience.