Can hologram nova (LTE M1) be used with small router

My application is a solar powered weather station to send wind data to an online server and i’m trying to reduce power requirements as much as possible. The weather station module uses an ethernet connection and my plan was to use a mini router which accepts USB cellular modems such as the GL-AR150 which use qmi or tty to talk to the USB modem. Will the hologram nova work with such a router?

If this is not possible them i’ll have to make a pupose built unit from a pi zero or arduino but i wanted to see if i could do this the easy way first!


That would work but maybe not out of the box. You might have to copy some PPP chatscripts onto the router. Not sure if we’ve tested it before.

I don’t think any of the small low power consuming routers i’m looking at would allow me to modify how they talk to the modem. The commands this device uses are different than other “out of box” USB cellular modems?

There can be subtle differences and sometimes you have to tell it to load a kernel module. It’s hard to really know though without trying it.

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