Can I create hard limit per SIM or account?

Hi, is it possible to set the maximum costs that a given SIM card or entire account may incur in a month?
I would like to avoid losing all money from the account balance or incurring a debt if any error occurs in the application during its testing on IoT devices.

You can set a limit per sim, not for an entire account.

The billing system will bill your account balance until there is none left as you incur charges and pause the SIMs once your balance is negative.

If you want to limit the amount of data your SIM can use before being paused you can set an overage limit. If you are on a Pay as You Go plan that limit will be the total data in a period the SIM can use. If your SIMs are on one of the high bandwidth plans the overage limit will pause the SIM once it has gone over the plan total by that amount. So if you have a 10MB plan and set a 1MB overage, once the SIM uses 11MB in a period it will be paused.

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