Can I recover my Dash Pro - or is it ruined

I had the Dash up and running happily - posting GPS data to the cloud etc.
I thought it would be best to try it out in the car (by connecting the 3.7V battery provided).
I read about changing the jumpers for battery use - but didn’t notice that 2 jumpers were involved. I changed the top jumper (on the uBlox side), hooked up the battery and tried it out.
With no data sent, changed the jumper back and plugged it back into the computer but now I get this on the serial monitor;
+EVENT:LOG,31,4,WARN,21,Modem command timeout

I can still change to program mode, upload new sketches, update firmware successfully - but with the same result as above.

Is there anything I can do to recover the Dash - or is it destined for the trash?

Hey check out this thread, I was having a similar issue and found a solution that might work for you.