Can send message from remote device, but unable to send message inbound or connect via spacebridge?

LEDs on Nova modem show solid red and fast blinking blue. CLI seems to to show good cell signal…

pi@raspberrypi:/ $ sudo hologram modem signal
Signal strength: 19,3
pi@raspberrypi:/ $ 

Messages sent from the device using…

pi@raspberrypi:/ $ sudo hologram send "Hello World"
RESPONSE MESSAGE: Message sent successfully
pi@raspberrypi:/ $ 

…do show up on the dahsboard, but when I try to connect via spacebridge, TCP connections just timeout. I eventually see a message like this in the spacebridge console…

Secsh channel 0 open FAILED: Connection refused: Connect failed
Incoming request to link415749:22 failed: ChannelException(2, 'Connect failed') 

When I try to send a TCP message via dashboard, it eventually shows up as “socket error: timed out”.

What are the next steps to troubleshoot this problem and get connected?


Hey @josh,

When you connect to Spacebridge following this guide are you able to SSH into the device?


My 2 cents… when I am ready to open up my Nova for SSH via SpaceBridge I do the following:
sudo hologram spacebridge &
then I SSH in
and reboot the device afterwards it seems stuck on doing anything else (like send/receive data).

When you reboot the device, the connection will get lost. You’ll want to add the connection command to a startup script so that it reconnects on boot

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