Can the Dash be used to read and write from/to a RS485 port?


I have a poitential project coming up to integrate to another vensors RS484 or RS232 port to exahange data. Is this functionality currently available with the Hologram Dash?


We haven’t tried it but it might work. You’ll probably need a converter chip similar to how you would do it with an Arduino. Check out this tutorial from the Arduino guys as a starting point:


I just wanted to follow up on this, and see if you had heard of anyone connecting the Dash via an RS485 port. I know ControlEverything is developing a board to do just that for the Electron, is are you guys looking at any similar peripherals?


I haven’t heard of any specific projects using RS485. An RS485 transceiver (like this breakout board) connected to the Serial0 or Serial2 pins on the Dash should work fine.