Can this be done via "Routes" - seems like a common thing

This seems like a common thing to do, but before trying to get into it, I figure I’ll ask:

What I need to do is have a heartbeat message sent every 60 seconds. When the heartbeat message fails to arrive, I want to send an email. Simple - I’ve seen that shown in the on-line docs.

But next, when another heartbeat shows up, I want to send an email that we’re back on-line.

Also, I need to be able to differentiate between heartbeat messages and error messages. When an Error Message comes through, I want it emailed.

Is this possible with just using “routes”? Any examples? What would differentiate a Heartbeat message from an Error Message?

I will be using the Dash with the Arduino IDE to create the “sender”.

Thanks, Ira

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Hey Ira,

The heartbeat functionality triggers a route in the absence of a certain topic, so I don’t see a way, off the top of my head, to let you know that you are back online outside of creating a non heartbeat route that would trigger whenever you get a message.

As far as error messages go, these do not trigger a specific route as they are not tied to topics.


Such “back online” functionality would be good for our application as well! +1

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