Can you use the Nova without the python stuff?


I just ordered a Nova SARA-R410M-02B which came today.

Maybe I should have read the fine print better, but I didn’t realize how dependent this thing is on the python SDK. I already have an existing messaging infrastructure, and want something that could be handled by NetworkManager / ModemManager.

Has anyone gotten one of these working without the SDK?

So far I’ve learned from this forum that “modprobe options; echo -n 05c6 90b2 > /sys/bus/usb-serial/drivers/option1/new_id” will bring the hardware online. It shows up in “mmcli -m 0” but doesn’t seem to recognize it enough to start the ppp daemon. I’m digging through the ModemManager DBus references trying to figure out how to set that, but that’s a pretty deep hole.


Something that might help is that we keep PPP chatscripts and peers files in github here:

You can use those to get a PPP session going without the SDK.
We haven’t done any testing with modem manager though, but maybe others on here have tried it.


I ran across that repo trying to figure this out, but I was hoping not to dig down that far.

The goal is to have the hologram connection managed under NetworkManager so existing automation can control it, and so that NM hooks can be used to place the hologram connection in a “high-cost” VRF.

Whether it uses ModemManager or not I don’t care. Existing automation uses nmcli not mmcli.

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