Cannot connect MKR1500 using Hologram SIM +CEREG: 0,0

I’m attempting to connect a MKR1500 using the Hologram SIM card and it never connects. I’m using the example MKRNB-MQTT sketch and get the sequence
+CEREG: 0,0

The MKR1500 works with an AT&T SIM. Is there some settings that need to be made when using the Hologram SIM? Another thing is I’ve had the Hologram SIM for several years and just activated it. Could it be there have been changes to the SIM since then?

I’ve also tried the connecting using the hologram/anything sequence and at the AT+USOCR=6 the response is +CME ERROR: No connection to phone

I have connected today after loading the example sketch it wasn’t connecting and I wanted to capture the data from the monitor which I couldn’t figure out how to do and the constant cereg 0,0 was happening. I stopped the monitor and opened up a minicom session, pressed the reset button on the MKR1500 and to my surprise it did connect each time I pressed the reset button. After cycling power to the MKR1500 it will no longer connect, thus there must have been some AT command/commands that I’d done earlier that need to be done. So progress, now just need to determine what else is required. Thus it appears the SIM is OK.

Don’t know why but the MKR1500 is now working with the Hologram SIM, both the example sketch and my sketch which connects to my mqtt broker and sends pressure readings. Anyway life is good now.