Cannot connect with hologram sim


I bought the lte hat from spark-fun which had your global sim with it. I cannot connect with your sim and the apn hologram. i was able to connect with my straight talk phone sim, so the unit works. please advise what needs to be done to make this work, it is urgent and needed for a competition next weekend. i live in Virginia beach va and can reach to all major cell services: att, verizon, tmobile. the sim number is 8944501810180017151


Hi @CraigE,

Please contact for this specific issue.




i did i got no response why can’t you help


Hi Craig, someone replied to your message this morning. Please check your email


thanks it got lost in the spam


Hi @CraigE,
I also live in VA Bch. I’ve done quite a lot with the Hologram NavaM, as well as 3G dongles (e.g. ZTE MG-190) with single board computers (Rpi/Opi Linux). Let me know if you want to chat or participate in a local IoT organization?