Cannot receive SMS on device

I’m using my Hologram sim card in an old verizon phone I had laying around. I setup the APN and am able to use data and using my hologram phone number. I also can receive text messages but I cannot send outbound messages from my phone (with the hologram SIM) to my other cell phone. I’m hoping there is an easy solution to this, maybe some setting I’m overlooking on the dash.

Thanks all!

One thought… make sure you have billing set up. From my project testing, each mobile outbound SMS message costs USD $0.19. I believe the billing will allow a “little bit” in the negative, but I wouldn’t expect it to be too large an amount.

Hope this helps.

- Mark

It’s possible that the phone is locked to the old verizon SMSC so might not fully work with our SIMs. Usually there isn’t anything you have to do but can you try to lookup the SMSC number on that phone and we can see if it makes sense? (You might need to google around how to do that for your model)