Cannot view devices within sub-orgs under main org via API

I’m on the Hologram Professional plan, however when I use the API to query for devices, it ONLY returns devices under my account. I’ve tried specifying orgid, orgids, and /organizations, but I cannot see devices under sub-orgs. Any hints?

Can you post the specific call you’re trying? You should be able to do /devices?orgid=1234

Sure, here’s the link:

In reading the documentation, this should return ALL devices under our org and sub-orgs. However, it only returns devices under our org.

Oh, maybe that’s a typo in our docs. That returns your personal organization by default. You can stick orgid=<id> in the url parameters to return other orgs. You can get all of the different orgids from the /organizations endpoint or its visible on the Dashboard itself in the “Settings” section.

Can you send a link to where in our docs it says that? We’re actually trying to do an overhaul of the API docs now so this will be a good thing to clean up.

To clarify, there is not a single command that will return all devices across different orgs?

I think the /links/cellular endpoint will do it, but it provides things in a different structure and with a little less information than /devices
Give that a shot and see if it makes sense for you.
This might be something we could add if its a huge need. Can you share any information about what you’re trying to do? Generally people only want to see a single organization at a time as orgs usually divide up distinct companies with different billing and other things like that.

Sure, we have a portal similar to the Hologram portal, however admins in our portal are able to see ALL devices in the system, including sub-org devices.

Ok thanks. We’ll chat about it here and see if this is something we’d want to put on the roadmap. In the meantime, see if /links/cellular makes sense for you

And also at the moment the way to do this with /devices is to iterate through the different organizations on your account.

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