Can't make an XBEE3 LTE Cat 1 connect


Hello, folks. I have an XBEE3 LTE Cat 1 embedded radio module from DIGI and a SIM card from Hologram and I can’t get anything to work. The radio reports AI status 22 (trying to connect to the network) forever. The setup works OK with an older XBEE radio and DIGI’s data service, so I know all the surroudning situation is good. I am concerned because I get a blank APN from the radio. Also a blank ICCID field. I am stuck because I don’t know where to go from here. Can anyone help with a suggestion?


Hi Topherfox,

We have had trouble with this module as well, ostensibly because it’s pretty new. We’re excited that they have Cat M1 hardware. If you’re looking to change the APN, it sounds like you’re taking all the right troubleshooting steps, but you’ll have to ask the Digi folks about the individual hardware implementations for the new Cat M1 hardware.

The ICCID not showing up is a bit more concerning. I know it’s always a silly question to ask, but no chance the SIM card orientation changed on their new hardware?

We’d love to hear what you find out! It seems like there are support services on their product page:


Letting you know that I have it working! My problem seemed to be a bad SIM card connection. I removed it, cleaned it and reinstalled it and things started working.

The DIGI XBEE3 LTE Cat 1 radio seems to work great now using my Hologram SIM card and the APN “hologram”.

We are using it in the transparent mode where the radio establishes a TCP/IP connection to our server via the Internet. The only problem we have is that communication seems to be slow to start after a long period without any traffic. But the problem is not insurmountable.

We experience a 1 – 2 minute period after power-up while the radio gets connected to the cellular network, and then everything works great!


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