Can't send data messages without WiFi turned on

Hello, I recently bought Hologram Nova 3G/2G Cellular IoT USB modem (Sara-U201), attached data module with SIM card to Raspberry Pi 3+, activated the SIM card, used CLI to send SMS and data messages to and it works with Raspberry WiFi tuned on. It doesn’t send data messages with WiFi turned off. Response message says “can’t resolve” which makes sense as there is not internet connection.

How should I tell Raspberry to use USB modem (Sara-U201) as internet gateway ?


Solved with following CLI command:

sudo hologram network connect


Trying to apply your experience with what I’m trying to do…, basically the same thing with the SARA-R410M.
So by simply issuing the “sudo hologram network connect” command, does “iwconfig” reflect a fully functional ppp0 or usb0 port? My system certainly does not.

sudo hologram network connect should create a ppp0 interface and make it the default route. What does the command say when you run it?

Initially the “sudo hologram network connect” appears to be a success; no errors. But when I check, using iwconfig I see:
ppp0 no wireless extensions.

What kind of system is this?

rPi 3 B

What does ifconfig say? iwconfig probably doesn’t apply here

Not currently at my system, so can’t cut & paste…,but a iwconfig returns something like:

ppp0 no wireless extensions.
wlan0 << fully functional config >>
lo no wireless extensions.
eth0 no wireless extensions.

Yeah iwconfig won’t work because it doesn’t consider it to be a real wireless interface like wifi. Try ifconfig when you can. You should see ppp0 on there with an IP address.

ifconfig does not seem to be valid on my system.

Thanks for the convo. You made me look into why ifconfig is not available…, and I quickly found:

I’ll try “sudo ifconfig” this evening.

thx again.

Hmm, I’m on raspbian stretch and it works for me without sudo but yeah give that a try.

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