Case for Hologram Nova plus antenna


I don’t know if anyone is interested, but I’ve designed a 3D printable case for the Hologram Nova. It encloses the antenna and the Nova board. The case is in 3 parts and it all snaps together.

Here is a picture of the Nova, antenna, and 3-part case:

Here’s a pic with the bottom of the case (containing the antenna, and the middle part of the case assembled:

Here’s a pic with the Nova board mounted on the middle and the antenna connected:

Here’s a pic with the “top” of the case (covering the Nova board) attached and USB cable attached:
Notice there are two small holes in the top. These line up with the two LEDs, so the LEDs can be easily seen.

Now the case can be turned over:


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looks cool!

Quick question, how is the signal strength in the case compared with outside (and the antenna dangling away from the Nova?) I ask because the EMI shield on top of the SARA modem may cause issues that close to the antenna.

My guess is the signal strength is worse but still acceptable.

Good questions. I orient the entire enclosure so that the two LED holes are face down to avoid placing the Nova (with its RF-blocking components) between the antenna and towers. Some testing and I’m not seeing a difference in signal strength.

I have also been in touch with Pulse Electronics (they provide the standard antenna). I have obtained a variety of external antennas which do not require enclosing in a case and all have the same connector. I’ve made another case for them:
I’ll be heading to rural Mississippi in a week or so and I’ll bring and test all of the various antennas over a sizable swath of geography.



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