Cellular IOT on coincell


We are in the process of developing IoT bottles and want to find out if we can have cellular hardware run on coin cell batteries for a reasonable time?


Hi, wish we could give some good news but it’s probably not possible. A single coin cell provides less than 1mA and even the lower power Cat-M modules are going to need over 70mA to get a connection under good conditions.
Might be able to run off of a few good AAs for a few hours if you’re smart about power but coin cells aren’t going to get close.

You got me thinking about this more and I found this thread: current - Lithium Coin Cell CR2032 battery specifications - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange
Sounds like you might be able to get enough power to do it with some capacitors but the battery would die in under an hour.

Thanks so much Reuben ! It is high time to have coincell cellular , I will follow up …three cheers !

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