Cellular to LORAWAN bridge


I want to connect my device(a LoRa gateway) to the things network but planning to use cellular for this instead of Ethernet or WiFi. The LoRa messages are sent by MQTT to the things network but I wanted to know if there is a way, say I can use the hologram service for SIM data management while being able to directly connect to the things network. The things network may send downlink messages from time to time for device control.

May this pose a problem? I have read the hologram docs about device originated messages only and so on, and the use of HTTP.

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Hi Alois - That sounds like a great application! In addition to device originated messaging and providing cellular connectivity through our Hologram network, we’ve also provided methods for secure inbound packet messaging which you can read more about here: https://hologram.io/docs/guide/cloud/message-to-device/
Would love to hear more about what you’re building and how we can help.