Characters in SMS not coming through correctly

Hey I think this is a brand-new bug. I think that because I have to send special characters to my devices on a semi-regular basis.

Reproduction steps:
1.go to a device’s message page:
2. Send a Message to This Device
method: SMS
message: aa{a

on my device
using character encoding “IRA” this shows as aa?a
using character encoding “UCS2” this shows as 0061 0061 00E4 0061
which, per this chart:
translates to aaäa

I was just using ‘a’ as filler, the fact that { translated to ä is an unfortunate coincidence.

These characters have worked fine historically. For the past 2 years, I have generated and sent the Hologram Device Key to each of my devices, which they store and uses when replying via the Hologram Embedded API. I believe this broke some time in the past 72 hours.

When I use a cell phone and send aa{a using the SIM’s “geographic number” or whatever it’s called, the +88236000… number, it correctly shows as aa{a on the device.

Hi sorry to have missed this. Is it working for you now? We did have an issue in our SMPP implementation where things weren’t being encoded properly for some message types but that was fixed last week.

Thanks Reuben, just checked and it is working now, thanks.
Character encoding issues SUCK!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Haha, yes they do.
Glad that’s working for you now.

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