Charger.batteryPercentage() show's incorrect value?


Greetings. I’m using a liPo battery with 1000mAh. I change the jumpers to battery mode, connect the battery and connect the Konekt Dash Pro to USB for programming. ( a lot of connects/Konekts just kidding ). When i use the function Charger.batteryPercentage() it’s show’s 102 value, if i print Millivolts it’s show’s 4207 or 4206. Why? I have the grey-board ( 1.0 ? )


The battery charge state chip provides an approximation of charge state using factors such as voltage, current draw and temperature. It makes some assumptions about the state and composition of the battery. The Dash only passes on the result of this calculation. So some variance is to be expected.


Yes i know, but the problem is that the value does not reducing, it’s a static value with 102…


Are you doing this while plugged in over USB? If it’s plugged into your computer then it will be charging the battery the whole time so it will never drop.


Yes i plugged it into USB. Are battery charging with set jumpers to battery mode while USB plug? How can i see the Terminal without plug USB?


Yes, the battery charges anytime you have USB plugged in and have it in battery mode.

You can see the terminal via the UART pins if you have a UART to USB converter and that won’t charge it. There isn’t really a way to have it in battery mode and plugged into USB without charging it.

If you’re just trying to see how fast the battery drains you can write a sketch to send the battery level to the cloud every few minutes and keep an eye on your data logs on the dashboard.


You can also unplug the USB for a few minutes and just run it off of the battery and then plug it into USB just to see the terminal. The battery wouldn’t immediately go back to 100%


Hi Reuben, thanks for the info. I go to see this, we can close this topic. Thanks