Charges for Data Just turning Roaming

Hi, I recently activated a sim card and associated it with the Huawei B310s-518 I set it up per the instruction found hereHuawei-E5573C

according to the document:
“After hitting Apply you will get a pop-up dialog telling you that data roaming could lead to extra charges. Roaming is a necessary part of Hologram’s network and as such is not something you will be charged extra for.

After turning on Roaming the modem started receiving data and I was charged for using 2MB of data (according to my usage stats) while roaming according to the modem status page data is constantly being sent and received. Nothing is connected to the equipment essentially the modem is idle yet I was billed 0.80c I’d like to be able to leave this my project on but if its going to be bill just for being on then this is going to get ridiculously expensive. Long story short should i just leave roaming turned off or is it needed in order to connect to the network.

Please advise


Roaming must be turned on in order to use a Hologram SIM with your device. If you turn it off then it won’t be able to transfer any data at all.
Your computer or other wifi device is probably sending and receiving data through the modem even when nothing is running. Most computers do this with various background utilities that you may not know are running. Things to look at:

  • automatic updates from the operating system and applications
  • time synchronization utilities
  • email utilities syncing and downloading mail

Is this scenario applicable if I’m trying to configure the modem over Wi-Fi? Unless I’m missing something? I’m simply connecting to the device to configure it over its built-in hotspot, as soon as I turn on roaming I’m being charged. Whilst the documentation States “there are no additional charges for roaming.” Simply configuring the device shouldn’t result in charges, that’s where there is confusion.


That’s correct. You are not being charged for connecting to the device itself for configuration, only for data being transmitted over the cellular network.
Once you turn on roaming, the device allows data to flow to the cellular network. At that point, any connections your computer is trying to make to the internet might be getting passed through via wifi to the cellular network.
I would suggest closing as many applications and browser tabs as possible while you are doing the configuration and then switch to a different wifi network once you are done to prevent any unwanted data from being sent.

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