Cloud posts queued when signal lost


I have a dash posting data to the cloud @ 2 min intervals. I’ve noticed that if it loses signal, those attempted posts seem to be queued, and all submitted when signal is regained. I guess what I’m asking for is a confirmation that this is how it is expected to work?



What does the cloud response look like? I’ve parsed the response to get indication of when the device finally connects (“Serial pass through enabled” message). Any chance you could do a similar thing to note disconnection? I don’t know if it tells you if signal is lost, but might be worth a shot until they add something to the API.


The response looks ‘normal’, meaning it looks the same as all the others when there is a good connection. I could make an effort to note when it re-connects. Its not necessarily a problem in my scenario, if I knew that was how it worked for sure I can work around it.
I’m sending text notifications when certain conditions are met, and in the scenario that those conditions are met while the device is out of range for some time, when it regains connection the end user could potentially receive a flurry of alert messages all at once.


Hey @bairdmar,

The default is to try to resend if there was an intermittent outage.

You will be able to check state of modem and message success/failure in the next firmware release, which will allow you to not have that happen if you don’t want it to.