Cloud send message not received over ppp?


I’ve just plugged in the ms2131 USB modem into the raspberry pi and followed the USB guide. Apart fromt he wrong /dev/ device, i can now do ‘pon e303’ and i get a ppp0 interface that can ping

I’ve now started listening on a port with ‘nc -l 5000’ (not the -p, as netcat manual states that that’s wrong).
I then go to the dashboard and send a message to the device. The status shows ‘succesfull’, the log shows a timeout and the netcat doesn’t show any output.

What could i be doing wrong? What else should i check?

As a follow up, i found out what this was.

I’m doing this on a headless raspberry pi zero. So, i use wireless to SSH into the device.
The default configuration for the dailup scripts in the tutorial have a defaultroute option, not replacedefaultroute. This means that the default route is not via ppp0 device after dailup on my system. You can check this by route -n or ip route list.

It means that the linux kernel will receive the data, but respond via it’s default route, which is not the PPP0 device but (in my case) the wlan0 device. The result is that the SYN/ACK never completes correctly (the ACK is send via teh wrong route).

I fixed this by doing policy based routing:
cat 1000 ppp">> /etc/iproute2/rt_tables ip route add table 1000 dev ppp0 ip rule add from <ppp0 ip address> table 1000
Hope it helps others! More details can be found [url=]at[/url].

An easier fix might be to follow the guide correctly and disable all network devices before starting the ppp device.