Cloud Services Router credentials

How do I extract Device Key from cloud services router credentials with API call?

The endpoint is:

You’ll find your CSR key under data[0].devicekey

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Okay. Can we access Device Key with only SIM number ?

There isn’t currently a lookup via SIM number as the device keys are not cellular specific.
You can however, retrieve the device ID from SIM ICCID through the links cellular endpoint:{ICCID HERE}
Example response below:
“success”: true,
“data”: [
“id”: xxxxxxxx,
“deviceid”: 123456,
“devicename”: “xxxxxxxx”,
“orgid”: xxxxx,
“tunnelable”: 0,
“partnerid”: 1,
“sim”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“msisdn”: “xxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,
“imsi”: xxxxxxxxxxxx,
“dataplansubscriptionid”: 127,
“tier”: 1,
“carrier”: 2,
“state”: “LIVE”,
“whenclaimed”: “2017-01-04 22:42:52”,
“whenexpires”: “2017-06-21 05:13:28”,
“whencreated”: “2016-11-15 18:58:53”,
“overagelimit”: 0,
“priv_ip_address”: “”,
“apn”: “hologram (no user, no pw)”

Okay. Thanks @ryanHologram ! The device key is extracted indirectly with two end-points.