Compatibility with Libelium Plug and Sense (Telit LE910-NAG 4G module)?

I’m new to Hologram and excited about the possibilities.

I’m working on a remote sensing project with international deployment. We are using a Libelium Plug and Sense OEM box with a Telit LE910-NAG 4G module.
Telit Datasheet:

I have my development SIM card on order to arrive next week.

Just to get a jump on any potential pitfalls, does anyone have any experience using the Hologram SIM on a third party module, or the Telit module in particular?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Just an update for future reference - It works!

I received my dev SIM, plugged it in, got an error registering to a network.
I did some research and ultimately the solution was adding a one second delay in my embedded code after the command to open TCP socket. Then it worked like a charm to send my HTTP POST command with measurement data.